Marketland’s Magazine #002 Update — 09/03/2024. Events Journey: PropTech, Tokenization, Web3 Entrepreneur & Business Models.
2 min readMar 9, 2024

The Marketland team attended events on March 6th and 7th:

“PropTech and Tokenization in Spain: Opportunities & Challenges” organized by MetaWealth in Marbella. “Entrepreneurship in Web3 and Business Models” organized by Blockchain Málaga.

We want to extend our gratitude to MetaWealth and Blockchain Malaga for hosting these highly productive and inspiring events.

At the MetaWealth event in Marbella, attendees primarily delved into the topic of asset tokenization in the real estate and real-world sectors. The key takeaway was the challenge posed by European regulations, which often lack deep industry understanding and tend to focus on state control rather than fostering emerging technologies. Another significant discussion point was the stagnant mass adoption of blockchain technology, which has remained below 5% globally for years. While advanced users and technology continue to progress, novice users face a growing technological and knowledge gap. It was concluded that companies simplifying this technology into user-friendly services with minimal barriers will lead mass adoption. However, there’s a risk of re-centralization, potentially diminishing the user empowerment intrinsic to blockchain and Web3 technologies.

At the Blockchain Málaga event, various topics were discussed, including exchanges, security companies, cryptography, DeFi, university education, and NFTs. This event had a broader and more general audience compared to the MetaWealth event. It was evident from networking sessions that while interest in blockchain and Web3 technologies is growing among the general public, there’s also a significant knowledge gap. Thus, there’s a need to approach blockchain adoption from a functional and user-benefit perspective, rather than solely focusing on technological aspects. Even engineers may find certain concepts challenging to understand.

These events provided valuable feedback for Marketland, reaffirming our project’s goal of facilitating access, usability, and performance in blockchain and Web3 for a broader audience. By simplifying complex technological aspects like coding, we aim to reduce entry friction. We’ve concluded that end-users seek services, utilities, benefits, and ease of use. While blockchain technology offers significant benefits, we believe it has been introduced to users incorrectly, contributing to adoption stagnation. The Web3 must remain true to its essence, but why not utilize the Web2 interface? This is one of Marketland’s approaches.

There’s still much to be done to bridge this technological gap, presenting a significant opportunity. Companies resolving this paradigm, providing utility, benefits, ease, and security, will capture the majority of the blockchain and Web3 audience. While advanced users are already present and evolving, novice users represent a substantial portion yet to enter, despite their resistance.



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