Private BETA Testing of Marketland for Web3 Professionals
2 min readApr 15, 2024

Welcome to 🌴Marketland🌴, a Decentralized & Automated SaaS for Web3 Creators.

We are excited to share that we are building a set of tools to reduce the friction and complexity for the creators when accessing and operating on blockchain and web3! As a creator, company that wants to migrate from web2 to web3 or individual/project interested in starting operating on blockchain/web3, you’ve likely encountered some common pain points:

1. Are you desperate to rely on technical knowledge or a technical development team to launch your project on blockchain/web3?

2. Would it make sense to create and manage every relevant part of a blockchain/web3 project from one place?

3. Is an issue the costing barrier when it comes to launching a blockchain/web3 project?

At Marketland, we’re addressing web3 creators’ challenges with a suite of tools designed to reduce the friction to access to operate on blockchain and launch a web3 project without touching any line of code, not relying on a technical team, and managing everything in a user-friendly interface & all without losing the privacy and security by decentralized connection and operation from our platform Marketland:

📝 Smart Contract No-Code Creation and Automated Deployment.

-Available on 6 blockchains (Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Chain, Arbitrum, Fantom & Avalanche)

-Completely manageable from an intuitive and simple dashboard

💻 Website Connected to the Deployed Smart Contract.

-Customizable domain or free Marketland subdomain

-Completely customizable design and website composition

💳 Fiat to Crypto Payment Gateways Integrated on the Website.

-Fiat to crypto checkout process

-Fiat to crypto on-ramp (web3 wallet recharge)

-Easy web3 non-custodial wallet creation through social logins

🖱️ One-Click Smart Contract Verification

🪪 KYC/KYB Procedures for Creators (optional)

📑 Smart Contract External Audit (optional)

We are looking for web3 professionals, experienced, and relevant agents from the web3 sphere to test our platform Marketland in order to:

👍🏼 Get valuable feedback about functionality and interface

✅ Validate our “Go-to-Market Strategy”

🤝 Create potential connections for future partnerships and collaborations

The ask from you is as follows:

📩 Send us an email to info@marketland requesting access to the Marketland Private BETA Testing

This is an amazing opportunity to stay in front at this amazing opportunity called Marketland not only as a customer but also as an investor as all the participants of the Private Marketland BETA testing will receive as compensation:

🔽 A discount on the operational fee when using our services

💎 A privileged place in an exclusive list for the private sale of our Utility Token (MLAND) that will be launched with the release of Marketland BETA for public.



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